Daria and the baggage

Already weeks ago I started thinking about what to bring with me when I am leaving for Germany. You have to know, I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes. So it is very hard to decide if I want this, need that, have to take this,… Last week I began to pack my suitcases and since then I have taken out my things and packed new clothes and shoes and things several times. But today is the day I finally have to decide what I am taking with me. I checked the weather forecast for Munich several times and today I will pack my bags the last time. I know my parents will send me one or two packages by mail, but there are a lot of belongings I want to take with me now and may want to wear or use soon. But you can be sure I also will buy new things soon. Now I have to go and will pack my bags during the next hours.

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