Daria and the flight to Munich

So, now I am here in Munich. My flight from Krasnodar to Munich was yesterday afternoon. My parents and my sister brought me to the airport. My mum was crying, my father said he was proud of me and my sister hugged me really long. At that moment already I was missing them very much.

The flight was good without any problems. I was listening to music and thinking about all that was ahead of me: my time as an Au pair girl in Munich.

In Munich my Au pair family picked me up. They are very nice and the baby is so cute. We have been talking on the phone and have written emails, but it was the first time to see them real. They really made me feel very welcome!

The first night in my own new room was strange. I couldn't sleep because of the new room and because I was so excited. When I fell asleep I had crazy dreams and woke up several times. When I got up in the morning I was not fit but I also was not feeling very tired. I am waiting for all the new things that will happen today!

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